Tips for eating healthy as a family in the New Year

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s easy for busy schedules to get in the way at home. Jobs, school, practice, and rehearsal can all make sitting down for a meal together difficult.

Adine Viscusi is the President of Casa Visco and loves cooking for family, so take a few tips from her as to why you should do the same.

Viscusi’s son is an 8th grade wrestler who’s dieting for upcoming meets, but as he heads out the door, he’s got meals and healthy snacks for the day that meet his nutritional needs. If you’re on the go a lot like Colden, Adine has you covered.

“We don’t want to get hangry,” Adine said. “Some cottage cheese on toast is one of my favorite breakfasts, you can buy stuff at the market, and peanut butter is always a good choice on whole grain bread. You can buy stuff at the market, put it in a little container, and take some fruit that’s in a cup or fresh fruit.”

The same goes for lunch and dinner. Think of healthy meals to make and take with you, because food is fuel, and you are what you eat. Cliché, yet true.

“You get out what you put in, so if you fuel your body with lean protein, complex carbohydrates, lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, you’ll be able to perform better and at your peak,” Adine said. “You’ll think better, you’ll have more energy if you fuel your body with really good food.”

Adine says she’s the happiest when cooking with a house full of people, and Pandora blaring as the soundtrack. Baked turkey, the other white meat is for dinner.

As a wife, mother and president of a booming family business, there isn’t much time left to spend with the men in her life, but here at Casa Visco, dinner isn’t just a meal. It’s a chance to stay in touch with those you love.

“Inquiring about someone else’s day, it’s about those pauses in between questions where you can formulate your thoughts, you can see what’s going on with your kids’ lives; is there a poignant pause there, what’s going on with school, what’s going on with his friends,” Adine explained.

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