Increased sewer taxes being seen by some Troy, Lansingburgh residents

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People in Lansingburgh and Troy are furious after noticing they were charged more in sewer taxes on their most recent water and sewer bill.

Two residents said the rate is not higher, but they’re being asked to pay more, and it’s causing a big financial burden.

Jeffrey Lasek has lived in Troy for several years, and he said life in the city isn’t getting any easier.

“It’s just ridiculously high for what we’re paying for,” he said.

Lasek received his water and sewer bill two days ago. The city charged him around $70 for water and $60 in sewer. While Lasek said he’s seen others with an even higher bill, the amount still doesn’t sit well with him.

“Yeah, you don’t know what you’re going to get,” a frustrated Lasek said.

Brian Houle has also seen his bill go up. Though it hasn’t been a dramatic increase, he said every cent he’s being charged matters.

“With a guy that’s, you know, at unfortunate situations, and I’m out of work, and someone that makes five or six times more of what disability pays – it actually hits home,” he said.

Troy Superintendent of Public Utilities Chris Wheland said the bill is divided into three portions, and the county and city rate have been adjusted over the past few years.

“They assume when you draw water, you have to release water,” Houle said.

“It’s getting more and more difficult to live here,” Lasek lamented. “Can’t afford to stay. Can’t afford to leave.”

City officials said anyone who would like to know why they’re being charged more should contact the treasurer’s office to address any concerns.

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