Viral video highlights importance of securing furniture around young children

OREM, Utah (NEWS10) – A video showing a toddler being pinned underneath a fallen dresser has shed light on keeping children safe inside your own home.

A surveillance camera caught the moment a dresser fell on top of a 2-year-old boy in Utah. He and his twin brother were climbing on open drawers when the dresser tipped over.

While the boy was pinned under the furniture, his brother successfully pushed the dresser off him.

Matt Clark is an assistant manager at a local Lowe’s. He encourages all parents to use furniture straps if they have a toddler.

“One gets secured to the wall; one gets secured to the cabinet itself,” he explained.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said tipped furniture is a leading cause of death in young children. After seeing the video of the toddlers in Utah, two local parents said they’re reconsidering using the tool at home.

Randy Johnson has a 6-year-old daughter, who he said will climb on just about anything. But he never thought to be on the lookout for falling furniture or appliances.

He got teary-eyed while talking to NEWS10 ABC that the incident in Utah could have happened to his daughter when she was younger.


“I’m kind of speechless because now I’m thinking about my daughter,” he said.

Meanwhile, a mother of a 3-year old said parents aren’t always to blame when similar accidents happen.

“As soon as I saw that, I felt that super human strength that they say mothers have – lift a car off of your child,” she said. “I feel like that must be the same way with twins.”

The Utah toddlers are okay, but experts hope the video will urge parents to consider safety measures at home.

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