Serial child molester moved to another prison as officials look for suitable housing

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A serial child molester who’s set for release will not be allowed to move back in with family in the Capital Region.

Louis VanWie, a notorious child predator, was locked up in 1997 after abusing girls in Troy. At the time of his arrest, VanWie admitted to abusing more than 150 boys and girls over decades.

The parole board denied him five times, but after serving two-thirds of a 30-year sentence, he’s now eligible for conditional release by law.

But the 74-year old’s release has been held up due to problems with finding suitable housing on the outside. One of VanWie’s family members, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that parole refuses to allow VanWie to move to family homes in Troy and Cohoes because he would be too close to young children.

In the meantime, the New York State Department of Corrections website shows that VanWie has been moved from Washington Correctional to Gawanda Correctional in Erie County.

According to the website, they offer programs for sex offenders at Gowanda.

For now, that’s where he’ll stay.

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