Parents staying cautious of Cuomo’s plan to make tuition free for some

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Not everyone is approving of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed plan to offer free tuition to some college students who attend a public New York university.

Cuomo announced his proposed Excelsior Scholarship Program on Tuesday. The program would allow people in families making $125,000 or less to get a two or four-year degree at a SUNY or CUNY school for free.

But not all parents are excited about the proposed plan.

Amy Martin pays thousands to ensure her children get a higher education, but she’s staying cautious of Cuomo’s plan.

“We’ve had things happen before where everyone is all for it, and then we start hearing a little bit of this and that – I’d like more information,” she said.

She’s not alone.

“I mean it sounds like a wonderful idea; my only underlying question is how are we going to pay for it,” Jim Thayer inquired.

Thayer has a daughter attending SUNY Cortland, and his son is a junior in high school. He said something about the program doesn’t add up.

“You’re going to pay for it one way or another,” he said. “I either pay it as a parent, or I pay it as a taxpayer.”

Thayer wants to see his kids do well, but he doesn’t want to rush into anything without knowing all the facts.

Meanwhile, Larry Pisarski takes another stance. He went to SUNY and paid every dollar of his tuition.

“I’ll take a rebate,” he said. “I just think that everything that is a freebie from the government – seems like – who pays for that? Obviously not the people who are receiving it.”

The Excelsior Scholarship Program must go through the legislature before any changes take place.

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