Support pours in for firefighter and family after fire ravages home

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local firefighter is trying to salvage as much as he can after a fire broke out in his home Tuesday afternoon.

Two and a half years ago scotia firefighter Dan Marchand and his wife Kate moved into this Glenville home

On Tuesday, most of their memories went up in flames after a fire roared through the house.

The fire destroyed almost all of their belongings and killed the couple’s two dogs.

Dan’s father Ed, who is also a firefighter, spent the day at the house lending a hand.

“We’re just trying to salvage a few things that we can and there’s not much to salvage,” Ed said.

Dan and Kate, a 911 dispatcher in Albany,  have twins on the way.

Fortunately, they were out when the fire ripped through their home.

“They were putting registry in for their baby shower. He got a message that there was a fire. When he looked at the address and it was his home.”

On top of a growing family with no place to live, Dan is also a member of the National Guard and is expected to be deployed to Kuwait by the end of next month.

Ed says many people have offered up trailers and move-in ready apartments.

One anonymous stranger offered the home they had been planning to put on the market as a place for Dan and Kate to live.

“We count our blessings where we can. He’s got a support system that can’t be beaten.”

And it shows, the community, friends, and strangers have rallied together by starting a GoFundMe account. They are hoping to raise $30,000 dollars to help the young couple start over.

“Fire departments from New York to Boston have been calling because we are all brothers. He may be my son but he’s also my brother.”

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