6-year-old uses mom’s thumbprint, orders $250 worth of Pokemon items

Credit: Fox & Friends

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (FOX NEW) – Some Pokemon fans will do anything to catch ’em all.

A 6-year-old girl used her mom’s thumbprint to buy $250 worth of Pokemon items on Amazon.

Mother Bethany Howell says she fell asleep watching a movie and that’s when her daughter Ashlynd grabbed her mom’s thumbprint to unlock the iPhone.

Howell and her husband thought they were hacked until they noticed the order was being shipped to their house.

“At that point, we thought she purchased them by mistake until we talked to her the next morning. As I was getting her ready for school she told me ‘no mommy I was shopping’, and I said ‘oh really’, and she said ‘don’t worry, they’re all going to ship here right to the house’,” Howell said.

She told her daughter that Santa found out about the little shopping spree and planned to bring her Pokemon items for Christmas.

Howell was only able to return 4 of the 13 Pokemon items.

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