Viral story of life-like mannequin found in car goes global

HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The viral story of Hudson Police breaking a car window after a ‘woman’ appeared frozen to death inside has gone global.

It’s a tiny town best known for its stylish boutiques, galleries, and restaurants.

On Friday, police say they responded to frantic calls regarding a frozen woman wearing an oxygen mask inside a parked Subaru.

Barbara Dague was one of those concerned.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s how genuine the appearance was.”

Officers smashed a window only to discover they rescued an extremely life-like dummy.

“When you say mannequin you think of something you see in a department store. This was a step above that,” Police Chief Edward Moore said.

The owner of the car was furious over his broken window.

“We took it seriously and the reason we allowed it to go out and we published the photographs was so that common folks could see why we made this kind of mistake.”

Chief Moore says he even got a call from a Japanese morning show. On Tuesday, the crew traveled from Manhattan to Hudson to shoot their own version of the story today.

“I thought one of my friends was having fun with me,” Chief Moore said. “When we verified the number in Manhattan and a reporter showed up, I knew it was legit.”

The owner of the car says he was a sales director for a company that makes realistic medical training mannequins.

When asked why people are fascinated by the story, Chief Moore said he had no idea.

“It’s an unusual story. Maybe they want to see a story that’s different from political stories they see everyday.”

NEWS10 ABC called the company, but they refused to comment.

Chief Moore says most of the response has been positive. The owner of the vehicle will not face any charges.

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