Deadlines to send holiday mail fast approaching

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s the final stretch for holiday shopping and last minute online shopping sprees have shipping companies kicking into high gear trying to get all those packages where they need to be.

Tuesday is the last day to send items by first class mail if you expect them to arrive by Christmas day.

At the Post Office on New Karner Road in Guilderland several people had already pulled up to drop letters and packages in the mail slot by 6 in the morning. Employees were already at work sorting packages.

Other options for a Christmas Day delivery will cost you a few extra pennies.

Tomorrow is the deadline for Priority Mail starting at $6.95. Priority Mail Express starts at $22.95, with a Friday deadline.

If you get your shipment out by those deadlines, USPS guarantees a delivery by Christmas Day, or you get your money back.

In some locations the U.S. Postal Service will even deliver right to your doorstep on Christmas Day.

Several items are not allowed in USPS shipments, such as weapons or chemicals. Full lists of prohibited items can be found in your nearest post office location or on the USPS website.

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