New York man sentenced to 30 years in prison in X-ray weapon plot

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – One of the two men accused of building an x-ray device that would give off lethal levels of radiation was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Federal prosecutors say that Glendon Scott Crawford, a former General Electric mechanic and self-proclaimed member of the KKK, was the mastermind behind a lethal x-ray machine that may have sounded like pure science fiction, but was, in fact, real and could have injured or killed thousands of Muslims.

Crawford was captured on several undercover videos, pitching his plan for the remote controlled device to men whom he thought were with the KKK.

There was a video of him buying parts and then constructing the machine in a garage.

He characterized his plan as Hiroshima on a light switch. Saying what could be sweeter than a big stack of smelly bodies. On Monday, he was held accountable for trying to kill innocent people based on their religion.

The case goes back to 2012 when the FBI received information that Crawford had approached Albany area Jewish organizations in hopes that they would help him and an accomplice acquire the device.

Prosecutors say he and Eric Feight worked at the GE and planned to build the machine.

Feight was already sentenced for his role in the plot. He’s serving eight years for providing material support for a terrorist.

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