Electors meeting to formally elect Donald Trump as president

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It was a bittersweet moment for former President Bill Clinton to elect his wife as president knowing there will be a different outcome for the country.

Bill Clinton cast the first ballot in New York’s Electoral College. Coming as no surprise, the vote was unanimous for Hillary Clinton

Donald trump is expected to seal his presidential victory with 306 electoral votes, a somber yet dignified mood inside senate chambers

“It was moving, there was something somber about it I guess would be the word,” Assemblyman Pat Fahy (D-Albany) said.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan was one of 29 electors who cast their votes She says Bill Clinton acknowledged that this election was unprecedented.

“She was held to a standard that no other candidate has been held to. I think that is something that was very clear in this campaign and ultimately it did impact the final results,” Mayor Sheehan said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo highlighted the work Hillary Clinton did for New York as a senator.

“After 9/11 how she helped rebuild, stood up to the gun industry, supported child health.”

Clinton says his philosophy of community spirit may be more important now than ever before.

Hillary supporters say it’s about making your voices heard.

“There is so much work to do whether it’s around minimum wage, pay equity, those are the things we have to keep fighting for,” Mayor Sheehan said. “I don’t think we are going to have a champion in the White House so we have to champion it ourselves.”

It is the tradition for New York electors to forego the $15 they are each paid.  This year they chose to donate that money to New York’s Immigration Coalition.

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