Local ski lovers enjoy snowy weather at Maple Ski Ridge in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, NY (NEWS10) – It’s been a snowy weekend here in the Capital Region but for snow lovers that’s a good thing. It means it’s time to hit the slopes and at Maple Ski Ridge they have equipment for people of all ages and sizes.

Full disclosure, I’ve never been skiing before. So when I was assigned this story, I was a little nervous.

But Maple Ski Ridge in Rotterdam has a calming effect. Maybe that’s because skiing is in their DNA.

“I think it’s just in our blood. We enjoy the ski business. We love watching the excitement of families skiing together,” said General Manager Karen Doyle.

Founded in 1964, it was once a dairy farm. General Manager Karen Doyle grew up here.

“I remember my grandma teaching me how to use the cash register as a child,” said Doyle.

She’s a part of the third generation working here. Doyle has watched kids grow up here. She has seen friendships form and people fall in love.

“All my fondest memories are of Maple Ski Ridge growing up here,” said Doyle.

Skiing is something that brings generations of people together and that’s why Doyle and her family enjoy it.

“It’s like riding a bike. You learn when you’re young. You’ll always remember how to ski. You can ski with your family, you can ski when you’re 100 years old,” said Doyle.

Many might have enjoyed last winter, the most mild we’ve had in recent history. But for Maple Ski Ridge it was far from ideal.

“Last winter was kind of rough for anybody in any kind of winter business,” said Doyle.

But with the snowy start this year, Doyle expects a bounce back season. And that brings us to today. I’ve never skied before, but that is about to change.

First a safety reminder.  “We always recommend safety first out on the hill. You really need to learn how to ski or ride under control,” said Doyle.

And then buckle up. Get ready.

Well now is the moment of truth here goes nothing. Just remember if I can do it you can too.


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