Mom tries to save kids who fell in icy pond

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) — Two 12-year-olds have died after falling through an icy pond in southern Indiana. It happened in a rural area of Pike County.

The boy’s grandmother says the children went out to play for a few minutes while his mother was finishing up dinner. She went out to call them in when she saw they had fallen through the ice.

An aerial view shows a heartbreaking scene with broken ice in a southern Indiana pond, where two children fell in and died Thursday night. A mother tried to save the two 12-years-olds. They were her son Brice Philips and the 12-year-old girl she was baby-sitting, Paige Bailey.

Brice’s grandmother, who didn’t want to be on camera, says once her daughter, Ashley Philips, realized the children had fallen through the ice, she did everything in her power to save their lives.

“She jumped in, she tried everything to save them,” Brice’s grandmother said. “She tried breaking the ice, did everything to try to save these babies.”

Police and firefighters tried to help. Conservation officers believe Brice and Paige had been underwater for at least 30 minutes in that pond behind the Philips’ family’s home before they were transported to the hospital in Jasper, but it was too late.

Department of Natural Resources Corporal Joe Haywood says the kids went out for a few minutes to play basketball when Brice’s mother called the children in for dinner and saw one of them in the water. Investigators say that mother was treated for hypothermia.

“She has a broken hand where she beat on the ice,” Brice’s grandmother said. “She has a knot on the head where she tried to use her head to break the ice.”

Investigators say the deaths are a sad wakeup call. No ice should be considered safe. The DNR posted a video reminding everyone that ice must be four inches thick to support the weight of a person. The ice on the pond was believed to be only one to one and a half inches thick.

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