Wishes Come True: Amazing trip to Australia

(NEWS10) – NEWS10 ABC caught up with a young lady whose wish was to visit the Land of Oz was granted.

“I can’t put into words how great of an experience it was. It just proved that you can’t take life for granted,” Marissa Campbell, 16, said.

Campbell is a big “Finding Nemo” fan and her wish was to visit Australia!

“They have cool animals. The weather’s nice. The history with the aboriginals and stuff like that.”

Marissa suffers from macrophage activation syndrome, a rare and potentially life-threatening condition.

“Her cells that are supposed to ‘clean up’ become enraged and start ravaging her organs. It doesn’t know the difference between an invader and something that’s good,” Marissa’s Mom Antonia Proper said.

“Sometimes when I go to school I have to wear a mask so I don’t get sick,” Campbell said. “If I push too hard with my sports I can’t walk very good the next day. So that takes a toll, but you live with it and do everything a normal teenager would do.”

Marissa stays active and doesn’t let her MAS get in the way, especially when it came to exploring the “Land of Oz.”

“I got to spear fish with some aboriginals. Go to a zoo and work for the day. I got to hold some koalas and feed some kangaroos.”

The two-week adventure was about a year in the making.

Marissa has such a great attitude and I was awestruck by her sense of self-awareness. Marissa doesn’t “look” sick and she’s very much in tune with that.

She says she actually felt out of place at a gathering of wish kids, but quickly realized the bond that they all share.

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