Sources: Albany Police Chief Brendan Cox stepping down

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Sources say Albany Police Chief Brendan Cox is stepping down.

Several sources say Chief Cox will be taking a job with the National Law Enforcement  Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program. It’s something he helped roll out in Albany.

One city councilman says the biggest thing the chief will be remembered for is community policing.

“We could have been St. Louis. We could have been what happened in New York City. We could have been what happened all over the country but it didn’t happen here,” City Councilman Ron Bailey said.

Chief Cox has a long history with the Albany Police Department, being part of the force for more than 20 years.

He was promoted to deputy chief in October of 2013, just two years later he took over as chief.

Bailey has watched him rise through the ranks and knew he was the man to lead the department.

Many credit him with continuing a mindset of community policing and urging his officers to foster a relationship with people they meet while on patrol.

Bailey says he watched Chief Cox rise in the ranks at the police department.

“He set his tone where he had no problem coming out into the community and meeting people and talking with them. He had no problem having an open door policy for people to come in,” Bailey said.

Bailey says losing the chief will be sad for Albany but he wishes him well in the future.

“I believe he can use the Albany Police Department as a model of how a department can change.”

Bailey says he thinks Chief Cox’s leadership has helped the crime rate in the city.

A recent report by the state shows as of November 1, there were no homicides in the city. Since then the count has risen to just two.

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