Pittsfield schools roll out Polar Express for kids who normally walk to school

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Pittsfield schools are providing help getting kids to school and out of the frigid weather.

The district is rolling out its Polar Express where buses will take kids to school who normally walk due to the frigid temperatures expected on Friday.

The full schedule:

Conte  Circular and Robbins 8:30 am
 Bradford and Daniels 8:25 am
 Danforth and Francis 8:20 am
 Crosby  Riverview Homes 8:25 am
 10 Francis Avenue 8:28 am
 Herberg  Newell and Lyman 7:12 am
 Howard and Dawes 7:15 am
 Morningside  Wahconah and Briggs 8:20 am
 Lincoln and Wellington 8:22 am
 Stoddard and Pleasure 8:24 am
 Brown and Springside 8:26  am
 Plunkett and Tyler 8:30 am
 PHS  Second and Lincoln 7:00 am
 Linden and King 6:55 am
 Columbus and Robbins 6:50 am
 Reid  Mohawk and Wahconah 7:10 am
 Dower Square 7:15 am
 Linden and Seymour 7:17 am

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