Mail carriers preparing to brave wintry weather while delivering mail

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Neither snow nor rain, nor these really bitter temperatures the Capital Region is seeing this week will keep you from getting your mail. Even though temperatures are dipping and the wind chill is making things even colder, there are some people who will brave this weather to get the job done.

They definitely have a few tips and tricks up their sleeves to shield themselves from the cold, such as something to cover your ears and some gloves, but the real secret they say is to dress in layers.

Jay Jackson has been delivering mail for more than 30 years and during that time, he’s learned how to stay warm when the weather is anything but.

“You want to definitely layer up and it’s not good to have like one heavy coat on because you will sweat,” Jackson said.

He says it’s also important to keep all your extremities covered.

“For me the key is keeping the fingertips covered, that’s where I feel it: In the fingertips,” Jackson said.

The route Jackson took Thursday usually takes just under an hour to cover. That may not seem like long for you or me but when it’s this cold, every minute counts.

“I mean in a short period of time, you can do some damage to your body,” Jackson said. “Even if you’re only going to be out for a half hour or something, you want to be bundled up.”

Jackson’s supervisors make sure they have gear to keep them warm because even if it’s freezing cold or a blizzard, the mail still needs to be delivered.

“We still deliver the mail,” Karner Post Office Customer Service Supervisor Robyn Klein said. “We don’t get days off like that so no snow days, no anything like that.”

Jackson says sometimes there is a bright spot in the cold.

“I think it takes the edge off when you have sun,” Jackson said.

Even if it’s not warming you up too much, it kind of lightens the mood. “Yeah maybe it’s psychological when the sun is out, you’re not as cold,” Jackson added.

Even though it’s cold out right now, it’s Friday these carriers are really worried about. The other important thing they say is to keep moving.

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