Tech Talk: Smart lighting options for the holidays

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s less than a month away from Christmas, which means lights are going up in every neighborhood,

But putting them up doesn’t have to be stressful, especially, if you’re planning to be the Clark Griswald of your neighborhood.  NEWS10 ABC visited with John Lawson, assistant manager of Home Depot in Albany, to take a look at some easy, new options to light up your home and get in the holiday spirit without the hassle.

“The LEDs are getting more and more popular,” Lawson said. “You’re using a lot less energy – less energy with LED – and they last longer.”

There’s also the cost factor. A 6 foot tree lit with incandescent lights will cost around $2.74 to light for 12 hours a day for 40 days.  With LED lights, the cost is cut by more than half, because lighting the same tree for the same amount of time will cost around 82 cents.

“You got your warm; you have your multi-colored,” Lawson said. “There is very little difference. It’s the same warm glow.”

You could also skip the lights entirely. Lawson showed NEWS10 another smart way to light your home.

“No ladders, no hanging, no dead bulbs. Very simple and looks great,” he explained.

For $49, the Star Shower Laser Light does all the work. You plug in the light, and within minutes, it illuminates your entire house.

“You turn it on, and you can have it change motions and colors,” Lawson said.

You can even go to the “dark side” and get a Star Wars inspired light show.

However, if plugs, timers, and outlets aren’t your thing, consider buying into solar powered outdoor décor.  They are powered by the sun throughout the day and then turn on at night — no bills attached.


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