Neighbors call for changes to Glenville overpass; site of multiple truck crashes

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Neighbors are calling for additional and bigger signs after another tractor trailer hit the overpass on Glenridge Road on Wednesday.

Steven Lott is one of the homes closest to the Hetcheltown Road overpass; therefore, when accidents take place, getting out of his driveway is almost impossible.

Lott said his front lawn has become a popular spot for truck drivers to pull over or turn around once they realize the bridge is too low to cross.

“I would like, if possible, a bigger sign by the light where truck drivers have the option to pretty much say, ‘Hey, I can’t go this way, so let me make a left, right hand turn,’” he said.

The New York State Department of Transportation said the diamond-shaped, reflective signs and pavement markings should make it clear enough to drivers. They state the clearance is 10 ft. 11 in.

However, the DOT said some drivers may use a commercial GPS, which may not always warn drivers of low bridges.

“It makes it the need to be a little more creative in the morning,” neighbor Ray Polikoski said. “You know, you’re driving your son to school rather than have him get on the bus, so it certainly creates a challenge.”

The DOT said it has considered raising the bridge, but it’s impossible due to the railroad above it. Lowering the bridge is also not an option because there’s a creek below it.

“Because the bridge – the railroad bridge – can’t make a sudden incline and decline over the road because we’re dealing with a railroad with railroad cars and trains,” DOT Spokesman Bryan Viggiani said.

The DOT said it has reached out to the town supervisor and New York State Trucking Association to determine if more can be done to prevent more accidents from happening.

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