‘Baking Memories 4 Kids’ sends ill children to Disney World with cookie sales

BERNE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — We all know that making memories for kids, especially around the holidays, is so important. How about “baking” memories for kids? That’s what one organization does and Thursday, they cooked up a very special memory for a very special boy in Berne.

They may look like an ordinary box of cookies, but the tasty treats make dreams come true.

18-year-old Ryan can’t speak, but he is elated, because he just received a huge surprise.

“We’re here today to give you this big Mickey and some great cookies and tell you that you and mom and dad are going to Disney World and Florida and all the amusement parks for a whole week,” Founder of Baking Memories 4 Kids Frank Squeo said.

It will be a trip of a lifetime for Ryan who has cerebral palsy and for his parents who did not think their son would live past the age of 12. All because of a chance meeting with a man who has a big heart and a very good chocolate cookie recipe.

“It’s a recipe I’ve had since I was six-years-old and the only complaint we ever get is that when they open up the container, they have to eat them all because they are so good,” Squeo said.

Squeo is the founder of Baking Memories 4 Kids, a national non-profit that sells his tasty treats and uses all the proceeds to send terminally ill children on an all-expense paid trip to Disney.

“Memories that we make by selling these cookies are worth more than all the diamonds and gold in the world because when that child is in heaven, that’s all they are going to have,” Squeo said.

Squeo met Ryan at a wedding for the family of Kaleb and Zachary, who were recipients of a trip to Disney a few years ago. The family was handing out Squeo’s cookies at the wedding that they had purchased without his knowledge. He wanted to make that meaningful.

“Coming from a family that we helped already, who wanted to pay it forward, and we are going to give this family a trip that they will never forget,” Squeo said.

Ryan’s mother said Ryan would be so happy. He would be jumping up and down.

“I don’t know, I don’t even know,” said Ryan’s mother Tina Bleau, about the organization who helped make this possible. “I’m at like a loss for words.”

Baking Memories 4 Kids will make one million cookies by year’s end and send 21 families on these life changing trips. To purchase your own, go to BakingMemories4Kids.com.

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