Troy mayor informs city council of new budget proposal that includes reduced property tax hike

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Troy mayor announced a new plan that could reduce the proposed property tax hike in the city.

Mayor Patrick Madden announced on Wednesday he believes he can get the property tax hike down to about 14.55 percent. He initially proposed an increase of 28.2 percent in the 2017 budget.

Madden said there will be minimal layoffs, but he hopes to get the new budget finalized soon. He has called a special meeting on December 12.

City Council President Carmella Mantello released a statement that said the council is happy the mayor could lower the tax hike, but she said they will not support creating new positions while laying off other city employees.

Her statement in full:

I am pleased that Mayor Madden is submitting a revised budget cutting his original 28.2% property tax hike in half to approximately 14.5% for 2017.

This could be a victory for Troy taxpayers!

However, the Majority Steering Committee will be reviewing in detail the Mayor’s proposal to determine if the numbers add up and are in compliance with the City Charter. Additionally, we have asked the Mayor to provide a list of any individuals that would be laid off and any new positions that are being created. We cannot support creating new positions while at the same time laying off current city employees.

We will issue a full statement once we’ve completed our review and the requisite information is provided by the Mayor.

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