Several students hospitalized after being sickened by laced gummy bears

NAPERVILLE, IL (WSL) — Late morning inside Naperville North High School, more than a dozen students were sent to a hospital after being sickened by laced gummy bears.

“A lot of people told me there were kids going to the hospital on stretchers and everyone was really sick from the gummy bears,” one student told WLS.

Those gummy bears sent 13 students first to the nurses office, then to nearby Edward Hospital.

“We can confirm 13 are being treated as result of consuming gummy bears that may contain another substance,” School District Superintendent Dan Bridges said. “This candy made those students feel both uncomfortable and sick.”

As six students rode by ambulances, Naperville police showed up at the high school.

“[We’re] talking to some of the affected individuals that they believed that these gummy bears to be laced with something with marijuana, like a liquid-based marijuana substance,” said Naperville Police Cmdr. Jason Arres. “We, however, have not confirmed that. Again this is simply what we are being told by some of the patients.”

Inside Naperville North, word spread fast. Even students out of the building on a field trip heard what was happening.

“Social media and text messages is where it broke out,” said a student. “It was pretty fast.”

Now investigators are working to find out who and what is behind the laced gummy bears that disrupted a school day and sickened students.

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