Questions remain about when organizations should activate Code Blue status

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Questions remain this morning about when exactly local organizations are supposed to activate code blue status.

It’s 32 degrees this morning across much of the area, which under Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order last year would require shelters to open up. But it’s unclear exactly the status of that Executive Order.

Here in Albany, doors are locked. We’re told that the Governor’s Executive Order (of 32 degrees) expired over the summer and hasn’t been renewed so each city or community was left to decide for itself. Albany’s Committee chose 20 degrees.

We’ve also been told that this committee has been in touch with the Governor’s Office to try and iron things out but so far they’ve only been told that there is a constitutional obligation here in New York to provide care for those in need, particularly during the cold or inclement weather and that hasn’t changed since last year.

David Poach of the City Rescue Mission says he interprets that as the intentions and in other words, the spirit of the order remains so they will continue to provide shelter.

But he says because 32 degrees is a much more common temperature, that means they’d be open a lot more, which comes at a higher cost, and therefore they want to make sure they’d reimbursed by the state for that. So before they go ahead and open at 32 degrees they want clarification from the Governor on whether a new order will be issued.

There is a sub-committee meeting tonight to iron it all out. Right now we do know they plan to be open on Friday and Saturday when the real feel temperatures are expected to reach 20 degrees.

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