Police: Woman yells “Merry Christmas” as she tries to hit ex-boyfriend with vehicle

UNIONTOWN, PA (WPXI) — A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after attempting to run over her ex-boyfriend and his family outside of their Uniontown home.

Police say Mary Joe Smith yelled “Merry Christmas!” as she plowed through her ex-boyfriend’s yard, nearly hitting three people. Christmas music was loudly blaring from her car radio throughout the attack.

“She attempted to drive the vehicle at him and he had to use the tree for cover to protect himself from that vehicle,” State Trooper Stefani Lucas said. “She proceeded to do a pretty significant amount of damage to the outside of the residence, the yard, Christmas decorations, and did do damage to the vehicle and the house as well by driving into the home.”

Tire tracks covered the front yard, a pool was hit behind the house, Christmas decorations were scattered throughout the grass and the mailbox was broken, police said.
The victim’s stepdaughter held Smith down until state police arrived and took her into custody.

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