Police release new details on arrest of Rocks nightclub shooting suspect

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Albany police addressed the media Wednesday in response to more details they found on the Rocks nightclub shooting suspect.

Kareem Blacknall, 30, is not currently being charged with the shooting, but police said they expect charges to be filed soon.

Albany Police Chief Brendan Cox said he is confident they have arrested the right person in the case. He said that to his knowledge the Rocks shooting is not related to the shooting at Crossgates Mall, but gang activity is involved.

The Thanksgiving morning shooting left one man dead. Police said it was caused by an ongoing feud between two people, but they could not comment on what started the feud.

“These feuds are over the most nonsensical things in the world,” Cox said. “This feud itself, I’m not going into details of what this feud would be over. We’ll talk about that after Monday.”

An active search warrant led police to pulling a car over on Henry Johnson Boulevard and First Street on Friday where Blacknall was taken into custody strictly for a parole warrant.

Police said Blacknall tried to escape out of the police car on Pearl and Herkimer Street.

“He actually used his mouth to open the back seat as he lunged out of the car,” Cox said. “Thankfully, the detective grabbed ahold of him. He did hit his head on the cement.”

When turned to the custody of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, police said Blacknall then hit his head on the cement where he had minor injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Blacknall was released the next day and booked at the jail for his parole warrant. Meanwhile, police were scheduling a grand jury proceeding with the district attorney.

The grand jury took place on Wednesday.

“If we had arrested him on that spot for that homicide, which again, we had probable cause to do, and if there was not a parole warrant, we would’ve done that,” Cox said. “We would’ve started the clock on the preliminary hearing.”

Cox said he does not know if a weapon has been recovered. Most of those findings may be made available once the grand jury results are released.

No other arrests have been made in relation to the shooting.

The grand jury results are expected to be released sometime Monday, according to Cox.

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