New York farmers donate to regional food banks

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Despite an already difficult growing season, farmers in the state are in the giving mood in a big way.

The Farm Bureau and the Food Bank Association announced Tuesday that nearly 11.5 million pounds of fresh food have been donated this year through the month of November. That makes up nearly 10 million meals going to those in need in the state.

That number is expected to continue to climb. There’s still a month left to go in the donation effort, but some farmers say this year’s effort has been made more difficult after Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed a food bank credit for farmers.

“We’re giving a product, we have labor into it, we have containers into it,” Jim Gade, Co-Owner of Gade Farms said. “It is still a mystery to all of us.”

The food is collected through the Harvest for All donation program and distributed among the 10 Feeding America food banks throughout the state.

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