Consumer group says these toys are allegedly spying on your kids

OSLO, Norway (NEWS10) – The Norwegian Consumer Council its findings after looking into internet connected toys.

According to the council, My Friend Cayla and i-Que failed to safeguard basic consumer rights, security, and privacy.

“Children are especially vulnerable, and are entitled to products and services that safeguard their rights to security and privacy,” Finn Myrstad, Head of digital services in the Norwegian Consumer Council, said. “Internet of things technologies are not suited for toys.”

The council found several issues when looking at the toys:

  • Lack of security – Anyone can take control of the toys through a mobile phone.
  • Illegal user terms
  • Kids’ secrets are shared – Anything a child tells the doll is shared with U.S.-based company Nuance Communications. The council says the company can then share that information with other third-parties.
  • Kids are subject to hidden marketing – Toys have pre-programmed phrases and endorse different commercial products.

Parents are urged to think twice about purchasing the toy or switch the toy off when not in use.

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