Walter Scott’s family speaks out

In this image from video, Walter Scott struggles with police officer Michael Thomas Slager in Charleston, S.C., on April 4, 2015. Moments later, the video shows Slager firing eight shots at Scott's back. Scott's death was shown around the world and he became a symbol of the ongoing debate over police shootings of unarmed African-Americans. (Feidin Santana via AP Images)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)–The Scott family held a press conference shortly after court proceedings ended on Thursday. The jury is still undecided after almost 16 hours of deliberation but the family says they have not given up hope.

“Walter Scott was murdered laying down on the floor with holes in his back dying, unable to utter a word but today he did all of his speaking,” said family attorney L. Chris Stewart. “All of this deliberation, all of this back and forth, never giving up on the jury trying to find justice was Walter Scott speaking,” he added.

The family says they believe they will see justice on Monday.

Walter Scott’s brothers, Anthony and Rodney Scott, held a press conference on Wednesday with their attorney Chris Stewart.

Anthony Scott said it was painful to sit in the courtroom and have to hear his brother’s voice on the cell phone video just seconds before he died.

“I have never heard the video played and my brother’s voice sound so clear and hearing my brothers voice again really did something to me,” said Anthony Scott.”It wasn’t so much what was being played it was hearing the clarity in his voice and knowing I would never hear it again,” he added.

The cellphone video appears to show Walter Scott running away from former North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager after a traffic stop.

“I don’t know why my brother ran, I wish he hadn’t  ran but we really don’t know. We really don’t now what was on his mind at that time,” said Rodney Scott.

During the closing arguments Andy Savage suggested Scott’s death was a result of his actions and called him a threat to Michael Slager and the community. Scott’s brothers said the defense’s strategy to paint Walter Scott as a criminal was expected.

“We know that that was not his intention or his character. We know he is a good defense attorney so we were expecting every angle. We were ready for that,” said Anthony Scott.

The family stayed focused on the jury’s decision.

“We do believe that we will get the guilty verdict and that we will receive justice for my brother and we have only looked for justice from the beginning and we continue to look for justice here, and it is up to the jury now,” said Anthony Scott.

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