UPS driver’s cold weather outfit sparks debate

PORTLAND, OR (CNN) — Many spoken to say this image is frightening. The woman, who captured it, posted it to the neighborhood website She was worried the man was trying to break-in.

That post sparked a lot of attention.  More than 70 neighbors weighed in online and in person.

“I would think there’s something bad going on,” said neighbor Robert Wise.”I’d like to be home when that happens. I don’t want someone breaking in while I’m not here, but that can’t be good.”

Wise doesn’t lame that woman for being concerned.  He says lots of packages are stolen around the neighborhood and he thanks her for warning others about the potential threat.

However, UPS says the man isn’t a threat. He’s an employee. They say he’s a driver helper hired during the holidays to lend a hand with all those extra packages.

Their teams often drive around with delivery truck doors wide open, so they say he was just trying to bundle up.

“I don’t blame him for trying to get warm but the thing being covered up that much, going to somebody’s house, I would have at least taken that down,” said neighbor Chris Reed.

Reed lives right across the street and saw the man pull up. He also commented on that thread and told neighbors not to worry, but says the man could have used more common sense.

“If he had just taken that bandana down, I think it would have been fine, but I think with that, you look like an anarchist coming up there,” Reed added.

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