Coach goes on epic rant about American athletics and society

(NEWS10) – One coach had had enough earlier this week and went on a rant of a lifetime following a loss.

Louisville Women’s basketball coach Jeff Walz bashed his players and our American society, mainly in youth sports and how losing is rewarded today.

His point was basically Ricky Bobby’s dad’s point from the great movie, Talladega Nights, “if ya ain’t first, your last.”

And I tend to agree with him. Here’s Walz in his own words.

“We just live, right now, the generation of kids that are coming through, everybody gets a damn trophy. Ok? You finish last? You come home with a trophy. You kidding me? I mean, what’s that teaching kids? It’s ok to lose! And unfortunately it’s our society. It’s what we’re building for and it’s not just in basketball it’s in life.”

Everybody thinks they should get a job and a good one at that but that’s not how it works but that’s what we are preparing them for. We need to, in some degree call our kids out for losing and hurt their feelings because the real world is that harsh.

To see Coach Walz’s epic rant in it’s entirety, click on the link below and go to the 4:37 mark of the video.


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