Local couple indicted on more than 50 sexual-related charges

WILTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Saratoga County couple accused of having engaged in child sexual abuse have been indicted on more than 50 counts.

Documents allege the abuse happened over the course of seven years. The 26-page indictment is alleging that Michael, 37, and Jeanne Mosher, 38, committed acts of sexual abuse against a child for several years.

It also claims they photographed and videotaped some of that abuse.

The two entered court separately, their rights moving forward read by Judge Murphy.

Michael Mosher faces 55 counts in the alleged abuse. Jeanne Mosher faces 52 counts.

“The top count being predatory sexual assault against a child as a Class A-2 felony,”

Michel Mosher spoke quietly and Jeanne Mosher shaking as they both entered pleas of not guilty.

If the case goes to trial and the pair is found guilty, they face a maximum of 25 years to life in prison.

Both were remanded today without bail Thursday. Judge Murphy additionally signed four orders of protection in regards to six individuals.

“If you see these people or have contact with these people you must turn around and walk away. I don’t care who is there first. Do you understand?” Judge Murphy asked.

Both are facing four counts of predatory sexual assault against a child, use of a child in a sexual performance, promoting a sexual performance by a child, and performance of a sexual performance by a child, all felonies.

Michael is also facing felony counts of second-degree rape and second-degree criminal sexual act.

The couple was arrested in June following an investigation by New York State Police.

Judge Murphy laid out a schedule for future appearances, the next being on Feb. 14 and the trial is set to begin May 1.

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