Troy City Council votes no on tax cap override

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Tensions flared at Troy’s City Council meeting Tuesday night. The Majority Steering Committee blocked a tax cap override which means neither proposed budget has been passed.

The City Council says it’s because Troy Mayor Patrick Madden refused to budge on his proposed 23.2% tax hike.

“We told him we are ready, willing and able to override the tax cap but we are not going above a 14 % tax increase,” said Carmella Mantello, City Council President. “So when that went out the window we were not going to aimlessly override a tax cap”

Some City Council members are outraged; arguing this decision means the city could run out of money.

“The state comptroller will have to come in next year when the city runs out of money, because we’re trying to operate on a $184,000 increase in the entire tax levy,” said City Council member Dean Bodnar.

With a .68% tax levy, both proposed budgets are now unbalanced, forcing the City Council to vote them down.

Without a spending plan Mayor Madden says the city of Troy is in fiscal chaos, and he may be forced to start looking at layoffs as early as tomorrow.

“I can’t write a check, I can’t pay an employee, we can’t process water that serves nine other communities. We’re done,” said Mayor Madden.

Mayor Madden said Tuesday he’s never seen anything like this before. But he isn’t losing hope.

“The best case scenario would be that we would sit down again and have a conversation that we haven’t had,” he said.

He said the City C ouncil and his office would need to come to an agreement by December 1 in order to avoid an immediate deficit.

“That conversation is the next step,” said the Mayor.

City Council President Mantello says there are no redos. She says the Mayor must amend his current proposed budget to reflect a .68% tax levy. The Mayor says he plans to speak to his legal team on Wednesday.

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