Dogs believed to have been rented for sex rescued

STOCKTON, CA (KRON) — Three dogs who were being sexually abused in California have been rescued, according to an animal rescue organization.

A Good Samaritan alerted police of three dogs who were being ‘rented’ for purposes of sex with men in South Stockton, according to the rescue group Second Chance Kitty.

The dogs, two females and one male, were removed from the property and taken to the rescue group’s veterinarian office.

The two female dogs, who the group re-named Ava and Emma, have obvious vaginal trauma, according to the veterinarian.

Ava, who is an American Pit Bull Terrier mix, is pregnant but her litter is at risk due to an infection and her physical condition. Emma is a terrier mix and the male dog, Lobo, is a white husky.

Emma will be spayed soon and does not appear to be pregnant. Lobo does not have much physical evidence of trauma, besides a small cut on his inner right leg, according to the group.

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