Troy city official says agreement not reached on proposed 2017 Troy budget

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Troy City Council president released a statement Monday night about the mayor’s proposed budget.

Carmella Mantello said Mayor Patrick Madden did not reach an agreement on the budget during their meeting Monday.

The mayor’s budget could see a property tax hike of up to 23 percent. The council countered with a 9.5 percent increase.

Mantello said the council does not plan to vote for a tax cap override at Tuesday’s meeting, which is the deadline to pass the budget.

Mantello’s full statement can be read below:

After a meeting this evening (Monday, November 28th) with Mayor Madden no agreement has been reached regarding the 2017 Troy City Budget. Attending the meeting was Council President Carmella Mantello and Council Pro Tem Mark McGrath, along with the Mayor and his staff. The Majority Steering Committee has offered to support a 9.5% property tax increase which would enhance city revenues by a little more than $2 million next year. The Mayor would not agree to a 9.5% increase in a property tax hike which would generate approximately $2 million. This was a reasonable offer and the Mayor’s proposal to raise property taxes 23.2% is unfair and unjust to the taxpayers of Troy. The City has to begin to think out of the box and find ways to provide services in a more cost efficient manner. The people of Troy deserve no less.

We do not plan to vote for a tax cap override on Tuesday, November 29th. There are two Special Meetings at 6 pm and 7 pm, respectively.

Once again, we encourage the Mayor to support our proposal or something close to it to benefit all the residents of Troy.

The mayor also issued a statement:

The Council leadership presented no concrete or financially viable solutions to the challenges facing our city during this discussion and demonstrated an unwillingness to accept the reality of costs associated with municipal operations and services. I pledge to the residents of Troy to not approve any budget which does not utilize prudent and proper budgeting practices. This approach to budgeting demonstrated by the City Council leadership employs the same tactics which have led Troy to where we are today. Failure to override the tax cap by the City Council will result in the potential layoff of approximately 90 employees, a wholesale reduction in services and add additional costs of private services onto the backs of our residents. I am deeply disappointed in the outcome of tonight’s meeting and urge the City Council leadership to reconsider their position.

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