Cuomo working to midnight deadline to either sign, veto 133 bills

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Governor Andrew Cuomo has a massive pile of bills to review by midnight.

On November 16, 133 pieces of legislation in need of action were delivered to Cuomo’s office. They all must either be signed or vetoed by midnight.

“This is significant, but honestly, because of the lateness of the year, because of the delay with election season, to me it’s not a surprise,” Assemblyman John McDonald said.

The massive delivery came one day after the governor’s pay commission denied lawmakers a raise. It would have been their first raise since 1999. The commission said they would revisit the topic if lawmakers approved an ethics deal.

“Essentially, tried to bribe the legislature and said ‘if you do what we say, we will give you money,’ and there’s no way the governor wasn’t behind that,” Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin said.

That kind of pay-to-play is what good government groups have been fighting.

Barbara Bartoletti with the New York State League of Women Voters said the legislature should begin next session focusing on ethics reform, especially after the culture of corruption has been linked to all three branches of state government.

The most recent indictment came down on former aide to Cuomo, Joe Percoco.

“They certainly should be serious about this and should address it early in the session because the New York population now is watching closely,” Bartoletti said. “They’ve seen it in the senate, they’ve seen it in the assembly, and now they’ve seen it in the executive chamber.”

If the governor does not sign or veto a bill, it will automatically go into effect.

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