Manhunt continues for two escaped prisoners in California

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (ABC News) — There is a massive manhunt for two escaped prisoners. They broke out of a county jail in California just before thanksgiving, and there’s been no sign of them since.  Authorities are calling them dangerous and desperate.

“These are pretty tough and pretty strong, that’s why I’m surprised they cut through,” said Sheriff Laurie Smith from the Santa Clara Sheriff Department.

Smith is referring to the bars left behind by Rogelio Chavez and Laron Campbell, who are part of a group of four inmates who orchestrated a getaway late Wednesday night by cutting through the window of their cell. They then rappelled down two stories by tying together a series of blankets and bed sheets, which were left dangling alongside the building.

“You can see where the bars are missing and where they had to push the window out and the window is still hanging there,” Smith explained.

The other two prisoners involved in the escape were quickly captured by deputies patrolling the area but Chavez and Campbell have evaded the massive search effort for three days.

“These are dangerous people out there,” Smith said.

The window is now boarded up and a particular room is now empty, but the night of the escape, it housed 20 inmates. Only four tried to get away and the other 16 stayed behind.

“They had to know,” Smith said. “We believe they had been cutting for quite a while.”

Investigators say no one is talking or offering details on the escape plan.

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