Obama wishes America a Happy Thanksgiving

Credit: U.S. Department of State / MGN

In his weekly radio address, the president said that after a “sometimes divisive campaign season,” it’s never been more important to spend today with friends and family, “give thanks for each other, and for all that God has given us” and to “reflect on what truly binds us as Americans.”

He says that “no matter our differences, we are still one people, part of something bigger than ourselves.”

Obama said what makes us American is “not where we come from, what we look like, or what faith we practice,” but “the ideals to which we pledge our allegiance.”

He also thanked those in the military who he says defend our freedom “in every corner of the world.”

In the Republicans’ weekly address, Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia said “Thanksgiving dinner discussions may be a little more spirited this year” after the long campaign. But he said, “we can be proud to live in a nation where we are free to voice our differences passionately and resolve them peacefully.”

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