Father’s search for replacement sippy cup for son with severe autism goes viral

DEVON, United Kingdom (NEWS10) – A dad is on the hunt for discontinued cups for his son.

Marc Carter’s 14-year-old son Ben has what he calls “severe autism.” Since the age of 2, he only drank from a blue Tommee Tippee two-handled-cup.

The problem, the company no longer makes the cups and Ben’s current cup won’t last much longer.

“The replacements are all new and fancy, we’ve tried them, Ben throws them at us,” Marc wrote on social media.

The cups are crucial to Ben’s health and Marc says they have had to make trips to the emergency room because he was dehydrated.

That’s when Marc took to social media to see if anyone had one of the older cups “stuck at the back of a cupboard.”

That’s when #CupforBen was started. ABC News reports that several cups have been located and are being shipped from as far away as Australia.

The goal is to be able to find enough cups to last a lifetime.

Anyone who thinks they have found a replacement cup is asked to contact Tommee Tippee in the United Kingdom. Marc says the company is coordinating for him.

You can follow Marc’s updates and whether he has found replacements cups for Ben on his Twitter account: https://twitter.com/GrumpyCarer

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