State of emergency issued in New Lebanon due to snow storm

NEW LEBANON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A state of emergency was issued in New Lebanon due to the ongoing snowstorm.

Homeowners in New Lebanon were digging themselves out Monday morning.

Some woke up to almost two feet of snow.

Families living at the end of Temple Road have not been able to leave their homes since Sunday morning. That’s because the storm brought down three utility poles.

John Nestler says he heard a loud band. It was three utility poles snapping at once, brought down by strong winds and heavy snow.

Nestler was prepared for snow Sunday, but didn’t expect the amount the area ended up getting.

Family members were unable to leave home because the downed wires crossing the road were live until 3:00 Monday afternoon.

“They’ve been sparking and smoking since yesterday morning. About 10:30 or 11:00,” said Nestler.

The town declared a state of emergency because of several downed trees and power lines Sunday night. 550 homes lost power.

Crews were working along Route 20 restoring the main distribution lines first.

Until that work is complete, many back roads remain untouched and cut off by trees entangled in wires.

Town Supervisor Colleen Teal says the difficulty was compounded by trees entangled in wires.

“NYSEG was having trouble getting in to fix it because it’s a private road and they couldn’t plow because of the live wires,” said Teal.

“Emergency services could not come down the normal routes that they would have anticipated,” Town Supervisor Colleen Teal said. “Also to give people a heads up that things were not as they expected. It may be fine everywhere else or down on the main roads but once you got up into the back roads, the access on those roads is not good.”

Town supervisor Colleen teal says the state of emergency will be lifted once all roads are cleared and power is restored In the meantime she asks neighbors to keep an eye on each other.

“One night without heat is sometimes ok,” said Teal. “A second night can be a little rougher.”

Now that power is cut off on Nestler’s road, neighbors are no longer restricted to their homes. Folks feel better knowing live wires aren’t running along their driveways, but the waiting game continues.

“Everybody is just waiting to get their power back,” said Nestler. “They’re doing their best, got their generators hooked up.”

The Town will have a warming station set up at the firehouse from 5-9 p.m. Monday night and crews will be working into the evening to restore power.


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