Ways you can fly through security at the airport this holiday season

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The TSA is expecting a record number of travelers to pass through airport security this holiday season.

Following all the protocols, like removing your shoes can be a hassle, but the TSA is reminding travelers that those rules are in response to real-life threats.

Millions of travelers will soon take to the skies and long lines at security checkpoints are inevitable, but the TSA says don’t get frustrated.

“There’s certainly a reason behind why we do what we do,” Bart Johnson, Federal Security Director for TSA in Upstate New York, said.

On Friday, the TSA provided a revealing look at the way terrorists could attempt to bring deadly bombs aboard an aircraft by hiding them in secret compartments in laptops, the soles of shoes, or even carrying liquid explosives in water bottles and tubes of toothpaste.

Those possibilities are why you’re asked to remove your shoes at security  and why you can only bring small amounts of liquids in your carry-on.

The TSA says being prepared helps lines move along more quickly and makes travel safer for everyone.

“The only reason we’re here is to get you to your destination safely,” TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said.

The TSA is asking holiday travelers to pay close attention to what they pack.

“I think what surprises me the most are individuals that come to the checkpoint with them a loaded handgun and more often than not they forgot that it’s in there,” Johnson said. “We will detect them and then it takes us away from the job at hand and that’s to identify the terrorists who are the real threats.”

If you’re unsure if you can bring a certain item in your carry-on, Tweet a photo of it to @AskTSA – someone will try to get back to you before your flight.

For $85 dollars, you can join TSA Pre-check, which allows you to speed through security without removing your liquids, laptops, or shoes.

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