Woman with extremely long nails trying to ‘nail’ world record

HOUSTON (ABC NEWS) – A retired salon owner in Houston is trying to nail a new world record.

Yani Williams owned a salon for eleven years and loves nails so much that the retired grandmother refuses to cut her fingernails.

“My nails are 26 to 26.5 inches long, these are my babies.”

Trust me she’s heard every question you want to ask.

“The million dollar question that we get is how do we wipe our butts,” Williams said. “Usually I just tell them like if you go to the restroom in public you don’t sit on the toilets. That’s the way I do it at home because my nails are so long.”

She says she was inspired by friends and started growing them when Bill Clinton took office.

“I think it makes me exotic.”

Twenty-three years and 26 inches later, she’s closing in on world record length.

“It’s for my grandchildren more than anything. [It’s] so they can have something to look back on and say this is my gammy.”

Her toenails are so long Yani’s nephew had cut open her sneakers.

“I have been contacted by the world record holder and I told her I don’t think I can do it.”

Still, she’s toured with Ripley’s Believe It or Not and shot photo spreads with magazines around the world.

Next, Yani wants a reality show for her circle of friends known on Facebook as the “Real Nail Qweens.”

“My nails don’t define me.”

Their goal is bigger than fame or fortune. She wants to show people bullied for their looks that being different is okay.

“A lot of people are in hiding because of the way they live and they’re different from everybody. If you didn’t see my nails, you would think I’m just like anybody else. By the time I put my nails out, oh she a freak, she’s this or she’s that.”

For now, she’s just a queen chasing her unpolished dream.

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