Local woman seeks owner of military ring found in Wendy’s parking lot

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A trip to a fast food restaurant turned out to be more than just a quick meal for one local woman as she left with a shiny item in hand.

It was around 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Dana Torres had just arrived at the Wendy’s on Route 9 in Clifton Park when she found something on the ground.

“I stepped out of the car, and I saw something shining,” she recalled.

She wasn’t really sure what she saw, but her instinct was to pick it up.

“I definitely wasn’t about to leave it on the ground,” she said. “It definitely didn’t belong on the ground in the rain.”

Once in her hands, Torres realized it was a military ring.

“Somebody was probably just opening their door, and it slipped off,” she said.

Torres put it on and took a close look at it. On the inside of the ring, she noticed a phrase was inscribed as well as the name James.

“I’m not sure what it means to whoever it belongs to, but you know it means something,” she said.

She believes it has a story, and no matter what that story is, Torres knows the ring is probably important to someone.

“Got to be irreplaceable, you know,” she said. “You’ll never get this back unless it’s returned.”

Now, she’s seeking its rightful owner.

“Anybody could have found it, but I don’t know if everybody would try to return it,” she said. “I definitely will.”

Torres is hopeful she’ll find the ring’s owner.

“Oh yeah, I’m not giving up,” she said.

When the time comes, she’s looking forward to learning the story behind it.

“This is something that makes me happy to do,” she said.

Torres said she doesn’t want anything in return; only to get the ring back to its owner.

If the ring belongs to you, contact NEWS10 ABC.

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