Firefighters’ overtime, property tax increase hot topics during meeting about 2017 Troy budget

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Troy mayor met with the city council Wednesday night to review suggested amendments to the proposed 2017 budget.

One of the items discussed the most included cutting firefighters’ overtime. One council member said if it meant closing a fire station, then it needs to be done.

“The fire department – they’re close to 40 percent over budget,” Troy Council Pres. Carmella Mantello said. “They’re over $1 million. We’re spending as much, if not more, than the city of Albany, and the city of Albany’s population is double ours.”

Mantello said there needs to be better management in departments, and the city may have to change the way it provides services. Mayor Patrick Madden said he will be conducting a fact-based analysis before agreeing to any changes.

“I’m not going to agree or consent to a budget that’s unrealistic and has us in a situation in 2017 where we run out of money,” he said.

Another hot topic in the room was the proposed property tax hike. Some of the council members’ plan to reduce the increase from 28 percent to 9.5 percent is through the following:

  • Expenditure reductions
  • Revenue increases
  • Mayor’s amendment changes
  • Mayor’s reduction to the budget by one percent

“We cannot sustain the expenditures that we are right now sustaining, and the people of Troy next year, they’re going to get hit again with double digits,” Mantello said.

Per the charter, the mayor has until December 1 to act on the proposed tax hike, but the budget vote will take place on November 29.

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