Suspect to face upgraded charges after woman killed in random Albany attack

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The 63-year-old woman whom Albany Police say was beaten outside South Mall Towers has died.

Police say she succumbed to her injuries nine days after she was attacked outside her apartment complex.

Her neighbors said Lori Milks was quite eccentric and she would often venture outside no matter how late to grab a smoke and walk around. It was outside her apartment that an encounter with a stranger left her brutally beaten.

Albany Police say Gerard Burks and Lori Milks were total strangers when they crossed paths outside the South Mall Towers around 4 a.m. on November 5th. Police say security cameras captured Burks stomping on Milks’ face and torso.

“What he did to her. She don’t deserve none of that,” Donna Rogers, victim’s neighbor, said.

Rogers says Lori suffered from mental illness, but even with her personal struggles she was kind to everyone.

On the patio where Lori often hung out, her neighbors many of whom are seniors said they were shocked by the news.

“The guy should have known better than to mess with that little old lady,” Earnest Ruffin, victim’s neighbor, said.

Ruffin says it was a South Mall Towers maintenance worker who discovered Lori outside and then assisted police in making a quick arrest.

He stopped the guy then he pointed the guy out to the police. The guy wanted to take his bloody clothes and put them in the dumpster.  By that time, the cops were there.

Milks lingered for nine days in the hospital before succumbing to her injuries on Monday.

Donna says she believes the suspect may have been trying to get into the complex and she wants to see tighter security measures.

“I’m speaking out on behalf of Lori. This is for her,” Rogers said.

Burks is an ex-con who went to prison at least twice over drug charges. He currently facing an attempted murder charge but after Lori’s death, that may soon be upgraded.

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