Construction of new Albany Convention Center nearing completion

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The new Albany Convention Center is two-thirds of the day done.

“This facility will be meeting center for a lot of things taking place,” SMG Regional GM Bob Belber said.

The main entry will be encased in glass once it’s done.

There’s plenty of meeting room space with 10,000 square feet and a 22,000 square foot ballroom that can also accommodate three full-size basketball courts to help sporting events going on at the Times Union Center.

“The connectivity with heated walkway will be an extremely big factor. The ability to have people transfer back and forth will be helpful,” Belber said.

The convention center will be connected to the Times Union Center,  Empire State Plaza, and Renaissance Albany Hotel with enclosed walkways.

Visitors will never have to step foot outside in the cold winter months if they don’t want to.

They’re expecting the state of the art design will bring in visitors who will spend their money in Albany.

“The amount of revenue the county and city will see will be in excess of a million dollars a year we forecast in new events,” Gavin Donohue , Chairman, said.

The Albany Capital Center will officially open on March 2, 2017, in conjunction with the MAAC basketball tournament, providing an ample area for fan fest activities and the first opportunity for public viewing of the facility.

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