Shenendehowa Superintendent: District seeing increasing cases of bigotry

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Hate speech seemingly perpetuated by the election of Donald Trump has now made its way inside a local school district.

It may seem like a simple letter penned by the school district’s superintendent but it’s getting a lot of attention on social media. It’s simply asking people to respect each other.

“I’m writing this message because I believe in this learning community and believe that our children and families are upstanding, respectful and caring.”

That’s just part of the letter written by Shenendehowa School District’s Superintendent Dr. Oliver Robinson.

Those words come after words Dr. Robinson says were spoken inside schools following last week’s election.

“Kids saying things such as ‘hey you’re Mexican we’re going to deport you’, ‘all hail Trump’, ‘we’re going to build a wall’ or to Muslim kids ‘all you Muslims are killers’.”

Words Dr. Robinson wanted to make clear are unacceptable in his district. Now he’s asking for the help of parents and teachers to keep Shen hate free.

“Let’s make sure that we as adults we as parents, we as educators. We have these conversations with our children.”

This comes seven months after Trump’s visit to the Capital area causing chaos in the streets.

The president-elect responding to acts of hate with 60 Minutes airing Sunday night.

“If it helps, I will say this and I’ll say it right to the camera. Stop it,” President-elect Trump said.

Robinson saying he believes the bigotry inside the district has been perpetuated by those actions nationwide.

“Are those the words of our children? No. Are those the words that our children have heard? Yes.”

He says it’s up to everyone to protect students and children, making sure there is a place for everyone and living up to Shen’s motto of “no place for hate.”

“I’m not asking people to even agree with me. I’m just asking, do we think that all children deserve to be in a place where quite frankly education is the primary focus? My answer is yes.”

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