Schenectady City Hall closed due to water main break

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – According to the Schenectady Police Department Schenectady City Hall will be closed for the day on Monday due to a water main break in the basement.

A worker called police Monday morning just before 7 a.m. after discovering nine feet of standing water in the basement of City Hall.

Pumps and generators are now running, draining water from the basement out into the road.

Passersby strolling down the street have to jump to leap over the puddles. Those who make it through are finding signs posted on the doors of the City Hall announcing Monday’s closure.

Police say they have been able to pump about three of the nine feet of water from the City Hall basement so far.

Mayor McCarthy says there are no offices in the basement, but in order to get the water out safely, all the power to City Hall had to be shut off, which forced the closure of the building for the day.

“We had to wait for National Grid to shut the electric service down to the building, to do it in a safe manner,” said Mayor McCarthy. “They shut the power down, pumping it out. Get in to do an evaluation and get the power turned back on and hopefully have city hall back up and running tomorrow.”

A City Council meeting and any public hearings scheduled for Monday evening have been canceled as well.

Officials will release plans for rescheduled any such canceled events on Tuesday.

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