Man buys yard billboard to make sex offender move

ROBINWOOD, Ala. (CNN) – A neighborhood feud takes a bizarre turn after an Alabama man tries to pressure a registered sex offender to move out.

Police are telling Jeb Lessley that his neighbor is complying with sex offender laws, but Lessley took matters into his own hands.

“I made mistakes and I admit mine,” Raymond Martin said.

There are all sorts of odd signs in Robinwood.

“You’ve gotta pick up and move on with it.”

Martin called police on Thursday — about the sign Lessley put in his backyard.

He and his family want it taken down, but police told him that it wasn’t against the law because it was public information.

“I did 13 months in the county jail.”

Despite a guilty plea on 2nd-degree rape and sodomy charges involving an underage girl, Martin maintains his innocence.

He has neighbors, like Lessley, who want him gone so badly that he paid for this billboard.

“We’ve had a lot of problems – and I’m pressuring him to move out.”

Both men have different stories about how and when their feud started.

“Sometimes they call me a child molester, a (beep), a rapist.”

“He just has a lot of problems and be honest with you, we don’t want to live in fear of him,” Lessley said. “He’s threatened to burn our house down, he’s threatened to poison our dogs. He told my 9-year-old daughter he was going to kill and skin her cat.”

Martin says it’s all lies and that he’s the one being harassed and has made some signs of his own.

“He looks like he wrote it with crayon on the back of a cardboard box,” Lessley said. “[It] states my name and accuses me of crimes that I’ve never been convicted of.  That in itself is harassment, and I’m gonna report that.”

Lessley says he paid $160 for the billboard and he’s not planning to take it down until Martin moves out and he stops having problems with him.

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