Judge orders release of Steven Avery’s nephew Brendan Dassey

Credit: ABC News

WISCONSIN (WBAY) – A federal judge has ordered the supervised release of Brendan Dassey as he awaits a possible retrial for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

The judge’s order on Monday says that a United States Probation Office monitor will make sure Dassey is compliant with the conditions of release imposed by the court.

Conditions include: Dassey shall not violate any laws, he must appear in court as required, he cannot have a gun or weapon, he cannot possess any controlled substances, and he cannot have contact with Steven Avery or the family of Teresa Halbach.

In August, a federal magistrate ruled that investigators coerced Dassey’s confession that he helped his uncle Steven Avery rape and kill Halbach in Manitowoc County in 2005, and he overturned Dassey’s conviction.

In October, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel filed the opening brief in the state’s appeal of a decision to overturn Dassey’s conviction.

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