Shoppers head back to Crossgates Mall after shooting

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Less than 24 hours after a reported shooting, Crossgates Mall reopened to large crowds of people.

The mall reopened Sunday morning with a little extra security on hand after a shooting Saturday afternoon.

While Police say that the public are not in danger, they are still searching for one suspect at large.

“It was a little nerve-wracking. I mean it’s something that’s close to home, shopper Jovanni Scaccia said.

Scaccia was surprised to hear about Saturday’s shooting incident at the mall, but it didn’t stop him from going shopping there one day later.

“I’m not worried when I come here and go to buy whatever I want to buy. I’m not worried that I’m going to get shot,” Scaccia said.

Shoppers like Marisa Cunsolo did feel a little worried though.

“It’s a lot different coming into the mall a day after a shooting than on a normal day so you still have that fear in the back of your head,” Cunsolo said.

But at the same time, she and others still decided to go.

“It wasn’t like a mass shooting,” Cunsolo said.

Guilderland Police Chief Carol Lawlor says the reported shooting was an isolated incident, and no one was hurt.

“There was an argument between two individuals and it developed into a shot being fired. It wasn’t somebody who wanted to shoot up the mall,” Lawlor said.

Immediately after a lockdown went into effect and 15 to 16 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies responded searching the building for hours and clearing stores one by one.

“It was just remarkable how well this went under a very difficult situation,” Pyramid Company partner Michael Shanley said.

Officials credit success to training by responders, drills at the mall, and responses by sales workers and patrons.

“It could have been a tragedy on top of another tragedy,” Lawlor said.

They feel prepared for whatever else could come their way, though to Scaccia, safety was never a concern at Crossgates.

“It is something that’s on my mind but is it something that’s going to affect me through the daily life? No. I’m still going to come to the mall,” Scaccia said.

Guilderland Police say they haven’t made any arrests, but they are following several solid leads.

Police are still asking if anyone has any information or footage of what happened to contact them at 518-356-1501.

If anyone who left any personal items behind in a store or the common area of the mall, can make arrangements with those respective places to pick them up.

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